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Kevin Krista

White brick wall with vines growing, representing the growth that can be achieved with Kevin Krista through counselling in London Ontario

Whether you are beginning your counselling journey or are a returning client we are focused on providing you with the means to to connect with us in the way that is most comfortable for you.


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The Colborne House



   Registered Social Worker

Male counsellor, Kevin Krista, providing therapy in London Ontario

Get to Know Kevin

"There are no wrong feelings. There may be wrong actions in the sense of actions contrary to the rules of human communication." - Alan Watts 


Growing up, like many people, I struggled with big emotions such as sadness, fear, guilt, and anger. I thought these emotions were wrong in the sense I shouldn’t be feeling this way and therefore: something was wrong with me. Looking back on this, of course I didn’t know how to to organize these feelings by myself, no one had taught me! I also struggled at times to find a secure base that could sit with these difficult to feel emotions and help me make sense of them. As a result, this would often lead to behaviours that would make me think of myself as small, weak, mean, or foolish. At times, it would also lead to hurt feelings, whether that be my feelings or those around me.


Therapy has taught myself how to heal and accept my emotions. Throughout my journey in becoming a practicing clinician, I have had the privilege to learn many different skills, techniques, perspectives, and core beliefs that have helped in my own healing and my strive to becoming a bigger, stronger, kinder and wiser person. It was a long road and it's something that I continue to work on, but I am grateful for all that I've learned and the version of myself that I built.


I am honoured if you select myself through email or booking directly to sit with some of your emotions and be part of your journey with healing from hurts you may have. 

Concrete wall outside of 521 Colborne St where Kevin Krista provides family counselling in London Ontario

Specialty Areas

Borderline Personality

Mood concerns
Parenting Support


Individual Counselling

Family Counselling


            $140 - $160

    / 50 minute session

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