Sara Hanna, BSW, MSW, RSW

Sara is a Registered Social Worker with the OCSWSSW with experience in working with individuals who are dealing with addiction, past traumatic experiences, depression, anxiety, stress, relationship issues, and supporting folks who are newcomers to Canada as they try to reintegrate into their life in Canada, as well as youth who are dealing with life and school stressors.


Sara believes life can be challenging and complicated, and while we might be able to deal with most problems that come our way, a problem often occurs that feels too hard to manage on our own.  This problem may be something we are battling with internally or with people in our lives and can be beyond our control, or we might not know how to solve it or even where to start as many of us find it hard to manage or regulate our emotions.  Sara supports you in discovering your strengths and resilience and courage to overcome any challenges that might holding you back from moving into the next chapter of your life and feeling in control of your emotions.


Sara works to offer a safe space for clients by listening and opening her heart to dig into deep emotions that sit so heavy in the heart.  As a therapist, it is her privilege to witness people share about their "monsters" and courageously meet them.  Through her experience, she has watched people overcome the "monsters" that have held them back and uncover strength and hope they didn't know they had.  This resilience is inspirational.

I can't make the monsters disappear no matter how much I pay her.  All she can do is bring them into the room, so I can get to know them, so I can learn their names, so I can see clearly their toothless mouths, their empty hands, their pleading eyes.
—Jose Olivarez

Registered Social Worker



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