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Amy Hatcher

White brick wall with vines growing, representing the growth that can be achieved with Amy Hatcher through counselling in London Ontario

Whether you are beginning your counselling journey or are a returning client we are focused on providing you with the means to to connect with us in the way that is most comfortable for you.


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The Oxford House



Registered Psychotherapist 

Female counsellor, Amy Hatcher, providing therapy in London Ontario

Get to Know Amy

As humans living in the world, our paths are often winding and unpredictable; much of my own journey has been like this. There are things that happen to us, sometimes mere moments in time or prolonged stages of life, and people we meet that shape who we are and who we choose to become. I feel so much gratitude for the people I have met and had the privilege of sharing a part of their lives through my work with them.  

I knew that I wanted to help others from a young age, but allowed myself to be convinced by those around me who cared that I was too sensitive to be in any of the helping professions. I went to work in a variety of settings, none of which totally "fit". I decided, for a variety of reasons, to go back to school at a later stage in life. Ironically, one of these reasons was that I sought out counselling and other mental health support that was not very helpful. This helped to shape the way that I work with others, and I learned how to be attuned to the needs of others without ignoring or suppressing my own. I prioritize listening to help others feel heard and seen.  

I believe that therapy is best thought of as a means of becoming the best possible version of yourself; this requires vulnerability, bravery, and a willingness to change or explore new ways to interact with the world, the people we care about, and ourselves. I am an integrative therapist who believes that a collaborative approach leads to the best outcomes. I am committed to providing a space that is supportive, empowering, non-judgmental, and that recognizes the strengths you have or want to build on. While it is important to identify and work on coping with the situations where you may struggle or to want to improve your capacity to respond to others in healthy and productive ways, it is equally important to recognize your worth and power to discover healthy ways to have your needs met.  


Thank you for taking the time to consider me for your therapist. I invite you to connect for a free telephone consultation. This will allow me to answer any questions you have of me and get a good idea about what you hope or expect from therapy. I like to hear a little about why you chose to reach out now, about your current situation, and your past experiences with therapy.

Concrete wall outside of 521 Colborne St where Amy Hatcher provides counselling in London Ontario

Specialty Areas

Parenting Support
Behavioural Concerns


Individual Counselling

Child & Adolescent Counselling


$155 - $190

/ 50 minute session

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