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Front entrance of 490 Oxford St E where London's couples and relationship therapy hub is located


To the Oxford House

London's Couples and Relationship Therapy Hub

Relationship Therapy

At Rising Insight, we strive to provide an inclusive, non-judgmental and supportive space for people to explore their relationships without fear of stigma or discrimination. We specialize in relationship therapy for all kinds of couples, including those in monogamous, non-monogamous, and polyamorous relationships.

Whether you're looking to build stronger communication skills, deepen trust, or just explore your relationship in a safe space, we're here to help. We're passionate about helping people find clarity and growth in their relationships, and I look forward to working together.

Book an Initial Consultation Call

Feeling safe and connected to your therapist is an essential part of your counselling journey. We offer new clients a free fifteen minute consultation to meet with our counsellors to ensure that they are the right fit for you.

Couch with plant in a therapy office at 490 Oxford St E, providing couples therapy in London Ontario
Our Relationship Counsellors
Learn More about the Oxford House

The Oxford House is our new location specializing in relationship counselling and is London's couples and relationship therapy hub.

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