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Euan Fraser Tait

White brick wall with vines growing, representing the growth that can be achieved with Euan Fraser Tait through counselling in London Ontario

Whether you are beginning your counselling journey or are a returning client we are focused on providing you with the means to to connect with us in the way that is most comfortable for you.


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The Colborne House



Registered Psychotherapist


Male counsellor, Euan Fraser Tait, providing therapy in London Ontario

Get to Know Euan

Euan Fraser Tait graduated from the Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology at Western University and has developed a mixed style informed by compassion focused therapy and ACT. Euan has worked in a variety of settings including a mental health and crisis line, post-secondary, and online group environments. Euan is a strong believer in the client’s ability to draw from their own strengths no matter how difficult and dark things are. Euan believes that in a safe and caring environment where clients can unfold and start growing and healing. 


Euan’s primary focus in sessions is self-criticism, shame, anxiety, and depression, understanding how these patterns started and how we can respond actively to our needs and take good care of ourselves. Through non-judgmentally exploring these factors, clients gain insight, understanding and compassion to the difficulties and traumas of the past and present. Through this process, clients gain the ability to better manage, heal and grow beyond attachment issues, trauma and mental health difficulties. The power of having our struggles witnessed and processed in the presence of another cannot be understated and it is through that relationship of trust that the ground is made for a client to take control of their lives and their mental health.

Concrete wall outside of 521 Colborne St where Euan Fraser Tait provides trauma counselling in London Ontario

Specialty Areas

Gender & Sexuality


Individual Counselling



/ 50 minute session

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