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Jennifer Perkins

White brick wall with vines growing, representing the growth that can be achieved through clinical supervision in London Ontario

Whether you are beginning your counselling journey or are a returning client we are focused on providing you with the means to to connect with us in the way that is most comfortable for you.


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The Colborne House



 Co-Founder & Co-Director

Registered Psychotherapist

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Get to Know Jennifer

When we aren't feeling like the best version of ourselves, it's tough to engage in our lives in the way we would like to; our daily stress adds up and pulls us away from the things that are important to us. Whether little things in your life are piling up and becoming overwhelming or you are in the midst of a major life transition, accessing support is an important first step to living a value-driven life. Sometimes we are feeling alright, but we aren't where we want to be. Having dedicated time and space to process our thoughts with an unbiased listener can build the insight we need to thrive.

As anyone who knows me would attest to, I approach life with authenticity. This means you won’t have to wonder what I’m thinking because I am honest and transparent in my work. Through this authenticity, we will build a genuine connection, one that creates space for your own authenticity to flourish. 


When I engaged with therapy for the first time, I thought I was doing it wrong because our appointments had long periods of silence. At that time, my authentic self wasn’t empowered enough to share what was going on without a fair amount of digging. In hindsight, I admire this therapist for their ability to sit in silence with me, but I often wondered what she was thinking and if she dreaded our appointments as much as I did. After her student placement ended, I began seeing a new therapist-in-training. She showed up for sessions with genuine curiosity about who I was and, after a bit of prompting, I was sharing more with her than I had with anyone else in my life. I looked forward to telling her about the changes I was making in my life and the new insights I had cultivated since we last met. The presence of this trusted and celebratory relationship changed the trajectory of my life and allowed my authenticity to shine out of me. 


I continue to be amazed by the transformative power of shared narratives within relationship and couples therapy, just how I experienced it during my own therapy. While I am passionate about working with individuals, I’ve developed a love and excitement for working as a relationship therapist. It's awe-inspiring to witness two people recount the same story, each offering a distinct, and sometimes contradictory, perspective. The beauty of relationship therapy lies not in seeking a singular truth, but in unraveling the tapestry of a shared, although very different, experience where nuances and subtleties come to light. There's a profound connection that is built when we foster a culture of curiosity, as opposed to frustration, with our partner’s way of thinking. 


I won’t be the best fit for everyone. Credentials and training are important - they tell you that I’ve crossed the T’s and dotted the I’s (and indicate a keen interest in continuing education), but these items on my résumé won’t guarantee that it’s a good fit. We have to resonate with one another on a human level. For this reason, I encourage you to connect with me for a brief consultation call to get a feel for this before we move forward with a first appointment. 

Concrete wall outside of 521 Colborne St where Jennifer Perkins provides relationship counselling in London Ontario

Specialty Areas

2SLGBTQIA+ & Polyamory

Stress Management


Individual Counselling

Relationship Therapy

Clinical Supervision


$150 - $180

/ 50 minute session

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