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Liz Sallows


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Whether you are beginning your counselling journey or are a returning client we are focused on providing you with the means to connect with us in the way that is most comfortable for you.


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The Colborne House



Registered Psychotherapist

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Get to Know Liz

Life can be full of surprises, some good and some not so good. And those surprises may bring up some feelings that we are less than happy about. Or that you simply would like to talk about with someone who is outside of the situation. As I have discovered in my own life, these situations do show up, and with good support and a safe place to talk about them, those surprises can become less of a hardship and more of life with new skills and abilities. 

Life can also be amazingly wonderful. I love to chat with those who are finding they are wanting to put some changes into place. Perhaps you have been looking for someone who is objective and understands the desire to talk with someone freely, without judgment, someone who will be there as you discover who you want to be at this point in your life. Someone who will hear your desires for your future and help you develop a plan to get you where you really want to be.

Beginning the therapy process can be very hard, as can opening up about things that have been held inside for a long time. Congratulations for even looking at this page! Perhaps a consultation is the next step. Or even booking a session. What would you need to take that first step? Send me an email – click on the “Email me” button above and schedule a free consultation – by phone or by video. I would be happy to chat about how you see yourself in your future.

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